Have you been caught up in the buzz about social selling yet? It’s the hot new process that’s tipped to turn sales people into sales stars – and drive big profits for companies.

But with all the hype, the crucial element to unlocking what social selling can do for your business is being overlooked. It’s all in the social, not in the selling.

Have something exceptional to say

The way to really connect socially with people is through sharp, engaging and original content. Content key to social selling. The best way to build your brand on social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus etc, is to make sure that you have something exceptional to say.

You’ll stop online networkers in their tracks if your content offers real value to prospective buyers. Ask yourself: are you sharing information or solving a problem? That will help you build trust for your brand.

Content that is genuinely helpful and empowering has been shown to build brand awareness. Organisations with an inbound marketing plan reduced their cost per lead by as much as 61%, according to Hubspot.

The secret of effective content

But what makes content effective? The first step is to consider where potential clients are in their customer journey.

Some are just starting out on their search for information while others know what they’re looking for. Others, still, might be ready to buy and need only the slightest nudge.

Make sure that different pieces of content – blogs, infographics, case studies – are perfectly placed to give customers exactly what they need at each step in their journey.

Interested in transforming your company’s content into a social-selling machine, but not sure how to go about it? Clear Eye can help. We’re a global brand communications agency based in Dublin that can make your content cut through the noise. To find out more, get in touch Margaret at margaret@cleareye.ie.