Businessman Feargal Quinn’s first book Crowning the Consumer sold more than 100,000 copies and was translated into 14 languages. It came after building a national chain of grocery stores, Superquinn, which he started at the age of 23.

How did he do it? By always having the advantage over his competitor. And how did he do that? By making the customer front and centre of his every move. He held meetings in the grocery aisles, ran ‘win your weight in groceries’ competitions, and was the first person to play music in a supermarket. And when every other grocery store in Ireland was down on sales, because of foot and mouth disease, Superquinn’s sales were up. How?

Listen to a business pro have his career dissected by Margaret E Ward, where Feargal, who went on to become a Senator in the Irish parliament, reveals his number one business principle. A clue? It involves an old Australian toy. This was one of Feargal’s last ever interviews before his death in April 2019.

And a bonus segment: Our panel of experts also talk through the mechanics of getting a pay rise or promotion.