We’ve had 15 years of practice, but we are still writing very bad emails.
Watch out for those annoying salutations and cheesy sign-offs.
Don’t start your mails with the words ‘hi’, ‘hey’, ‘all’. You’ll raise hackles straight away.
Beware of cheesy sign-offs, too. Don’t pile on the pleasantries. Kind regards or best wishes are fine, but don’t use more than one sign-off. It’s overkill.

Dos and don’ts of writing effective emails

You’re half way there if you can write short, simple, jargon-free content. But make sure that you give the reader all the information they need. Don’t refer them to another site. And don’t ask for a ‘read’ receipt. People find that infuriating.
Let us know what sets your teeth on edge.
For the dos and don’ts of email, see the Financial Times

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