Find your mojo to boost business

If you ever wondered how your smartphone can help boost business, take note of this.

A film that wowed audiences at the Sundance festival was filmed on an iPhone 5s.

An iPhone can do all the work

Tangerine, an off-beat film about two transgender women in LA, breaks all the rules.

It has no Hollywood stars, no high-tech camera work and no massive budget. Yet, it has secured a distribution deal and will go on nationwide release in the States.

The unexpected success of Tangerine just goes to show how the device you use every day to check emails can do so much more to boost your business.

Use mobile journalism to boost your business profile

Consider using new media to tell the story of your business in a more compelling way.
Mojo, or mobile journalism, uses portable devices (ie, your smartphone) to gather quality content to reach, engage and activate your customers.

Tailored content produced to professional standards means your customers  can read, listen to or watch engaging information about your business.

Start thinking about finding your mojo to boost business.

If you are looking for inspiration, take a peek at this:

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