Brand tone of voice is the way you speak to customers in all of your verbal and written communications, says founder and CEO of Clear Eye Margaret E. Ward.
“It’s the phrases and words you choose to convey your messages and it’s your consistency in applying them to all your brand communications,” she says.

Connecting with customers
In an interview with Simon Cocking she said without a brand tone of voice, your brand can never make a strong connection to your customer.
Brand tone of voice affects how customers feel about you – and that is really important.
“A strong, consistent brand tone of voice builds customer connection and loyalty. An inconsistent tone of voice creates confusion, anxiety and a negative customer experience,” Margaret said.

Does your brand have a voice?
So how do you give your brand a voice? One of the first steps is to express your key messages and thoughts as clearly as possible.
“Clear English does not mean dumbing down. Most people overcomplicate their writing and rely on jargon to make them look impressive or important. Writing is about one simple thing: communicating a message,” Margaret says.
The head of Clear Eye, the global brand communications agency, said the concept of the corporate newsroom was really catching on.

Magic mix
“I’m delighted to be working with more broadcast journalists. New approaches and technologies such as iPhones, Mojo, Periscope, VoiceRecord, FilmicPro have made this all so portable and accessible. Journalists and technology are really the magic mix for corporate content,” she says.

Let us tell your story

So what’s your brand’s verbal expression? Is it being heard?
If your brand doesn’t have a voice, Clear Eye can help. Email to see how finding your brand voice can make a distinct impression in the marketplace.