So what has brand journalism got to do your bottom line? A lot, actually, if you know how to master it.

However, most businesses don’t.

According to digital marketer Ron Sela, the vast majority of companies write to attract a vast audience but ignore other aspects of content marketing.

Engage your audience

To make brand journalism work for your business, the first step is to identify your audience. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better chance of really engaging them.

Think in terms of content that will inspire readers to talk back to you. They should read what you have to say and then want to respond to it.

The same is true of anything you post on Twitter, Facebook or any other online platforms.

 How brand journalism works

The first rule of brand journalism is to learn how to tell a story, says Lisa Kane, strategy director at Siegel+Gale.

With a good story, you get your customer in the door. Then, to keep them there, give them a great experience. The experience is what keeps them coming back.

 Let us tell your story

So what’s your story? And is it being heard?

It’s a crowded marketplace out there, but Clear Eye can help your voice rise above the din and chatter. We are global brand communications specialists based in Dublin. Email to find out how brand journalism can improve your bottom line.