If you want to know why tone of voice really matters, consider this experience from Harriet Cummings.
“The other day I emailed my husband at work to check in on what was for dinner.
His response?
‘To ensure optimal nutrients, I’m going to prepare a ground Bos taurus paired with Peruvian onion circles, blanched lettuce, and thick-cut Sus scrofa domesticus on a brioche.’”
It might seem funny, but Clear Eye CEO Margaret E. Ward explains that what you say – and, more importantly, how you say it – can help build your brand and increase profits.

Weed out jargon

Jargon and technical language should be weeded out from the very start. There is nothing more off-putting, she says.
But what should brand tone of voice sound like?
It should be distinctive, recognisable and unique. Tone of voice is about speaking to your audience in a way that is consistent and considered across all your internal and external communications.
Familiarity builds trust. A company must be consistent in its use of language so that its writing becomes familiar to the customer.

How to find your brand’s voice in six steps:

1. Establish your values

What does your company stand for? Luxury? Simplicity? Fun?

What key messages are you trying to communicate?

2. Think about language

How are you going to communicate your message?

Who are you trying to communicate with?

How formal or informal do you want to sound?

3) Take inspiration from your customers

Use the same words and phrases that customers use when reviewing your product online.

4) Avoid unnecessary jargon and technical language.

Make sure the terms and acronyms you use can be understood by at least 95 percent of your audience.

5) Think about humour

Decide whether humour is suitable for your brand.

Be subtle when using humour and never laugh at the customer.

6) Inform the entire company

All staff should be familiar with your brand tone of voice, what it stands for and how to use it.

Clear Eye can help you develop your company’s tone of voice. To find out more, email margaret@cleareye.ie.