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Build stronger leaders and teams

Leadership Programmes

Our programmes focus on your business needs, with clarity and insight. Our expert facilitators work with teams (up to 15 people) to explore leadership, strategy and communication skills and methodologies. We create a fun, respectful and inclusive environment that allows everyone to contribute, encouraging collaborative transformation.

Facilitated workshops

Our specialists bring impactful, interactive sessions to you and your team anywhere in the world. With innovative new approaches to topics that range from managing virtual teams and measuring what matters, to persuasive communication and design thinking, we will open your mind to new ways of thinking and working.

Executive Coaching

Our highly experienced executive coaches and mentors work one-to-one with leaders, senior executives and managers to explore and tap into their true potential. We work with you to question ingrained habits and assumptions, cast light on your blind spots and fill the gaps in your skillset so you can reach your leadership, strategy and communication goals.


We believe in your potential

At Clear Eye we love to see people grow. We empower senior executives, team members and brands to develop a clear leadership direction, produce business-focused strategic messaging and implement inclusive staff programmes. Our expert facilitators, mentors and coaches will open your mind to new ways of thinking and working. Great leaders spot patterns. At Clear Eye we show you how to identify the essential patterns that inform effective decision making. We are experts, without jargon. We have fun, with respect. We find blind spots and illuminate them. Let us take you on the Clear Eye path: through connection we uncover strength, making space for revelation, and transformation.
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All our workshops are designed to meet your needs

Trusted by our clients

Margaret’s coaching was exceptional as part of the Cartier program. She took the time to really understand our business. I still use Margaret’s tips and tools to this day.

Ciara Clancy

CEO, Beats Medical
I found the opportunities to practice delivering a speech really beneficial and I learned some great tips. The workshop gives you structures you can rely on to get your point across no matter what the subject is.

Avril McDermott

Human Resources Director EMEA, HP
This workshop was a real gem! It worked on a number of different levels: great team building, really practical tips on using your voice and posture while presenting…I highly recommend.

Fionnuala Meehan

Former Head Google Ireland

Booker Prize winner

Paul Lynch

Worked here!

The team at Clear Eye are incredibly proud to be associated with Booker Prize winning author Paul Lynch. We have known for many years that Paul was destined for great success and congratulate him on becoming the fifth Irish writer to win the Booker Prize.