Open your mind, open your heart, open your horizons

Becoming the leader you want to see

True learning only comes with connection, to yourself, others and the wider world. Strategic leaders know how to rise above the day-to-day (the helicopter view) and clearly see the bigger picture. At Clear Eye, our coaching helps you cut through the noise to find stillness, clarity and purpose.

We help leaders connect with the world around them and within them to find their own inner strength. Making space for new understanding leads to revelation and effective transformation. As CEO Margaret E Ward says, “The best leaders are leaders who know themselves.”

Our coaches push leaders and senior managers to expand who they are by engaging in constructive challenge, big world thinking and global networking. We challenge leaders to explore new patterns, knowledge and diverse ways of thinking that may seem unconnected to their business – history, science, art – expanding their world view so they can grasp new opportunities.

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  • How to create a coaching culture
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