Dr Ciara Clancy, accidental entrepreneur, physiotherapist, and 20-something CEO, has just been named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She plasters her office not with accolades and press clippings, but with her “why.” In her office you’ll find thank you cards and letters all over the walls, from the thousands of people her technology has helped.

Ciara is CEO of Beats Medical, an app that helps people with Parkinson’s manage their pain at home. Whether you’re an employee, unemployed, or self-employed, listen to how her remarkable story unfolded, from 22-year-old physiotherapist to 28-year-old CEO, who saved her company when it ran out of money. Succeeding in business and life, comes down to one fundamental principle says Ciara, a principle that has never let her or her team down.

Ciara tells Margaret E Ward her inspiring story of not fitting into the entrepreneurial mould, and how her childhood was not littered with “mini businesses.” If you’re someone who cares deeply about others and longs to make impact, but aren’t sure you have the business acumen to do what it takes, this episode of Broadly Speaking is for you.