Updated: August 1st, 2019

At 105 centimetres or 3′ 5″ tall, Sinéad Burke has become a booming voice in the global fashion world. Talking equality with US Vice Presidents and people such as Oprah, speaking not once, but twice, at Davos and being a contributing editor to British Vogue, Sinéad has the goal of designing a world that works for everyone. However, she wasn’t always so clear about her purpose nor was she always so accepting of herself.

She tells Margaret E Ward about the major turning point that led her to radical self acceptance and to her guiding mantra: “I’m not changing for anybody.” As an activist and academic who found her voice online, Sinéad also discusses the struggle to “define” your elevator pitch when you wear many hats. And despite all of this remarkable success, at just 28, she still loses her nerve. She also reveals her personal pep talk process to us.