Especially in Hollywood, but actress and filmmaker Naomi McDougall Jones is proving them wrong. She reveals to Margaret E Ward how she not only crowdfunded but created an an engaged and loyal audience for her very first film. It’s a ‘how to’ that can be translated to any industry. Naomi also shares her New York backstory, auditioning relentlessly for two years, while not letting the rejection get her down. But most importantly, Naomi reveals the mental gearshift that took her from struggling actress to empowered filmmaker and venture capitalist, while blazing a feminist trail through patriarchal Hollywood. It’s another translatable ‘how to’, no matter your industry. And lastly, she tells Margaret about the mental gymnastics that took place in her own mind right before standing on that revered TED stage to tell the world what it’s really like to be a woman in Hollywood. “It’s dicey trying to take down the industry you’re also trying to be a part of,” she says. But Naomi rolled that dice, took the risk and here she tells her story of how it’s all paying off.

Podcast Length: 30:53