Newly married, a 10-day-old baby and newly redundant, 2008 was an interesting year for Sara Mitchell and Gavin McCarthy. But 2009 was an even more interesting year, when the pair, a former property developer and marketing professional with no food business experience whatsoever, decided to buy a food truck and set up Ireland’s first chicken rotisserie business – Poulet Bonne Femme. First there were the markets and the freezing-cold conditions of 2010, where the couple survived two months of no income right before Christmas. Then there was the disastrous music festival that nearly killed their business entirely, which included losing the weekend’s meagre takings in a puddle of mud. And finally there was the stroke of genius that took Poulet Bonne Femme indoors and transformed it into a 40-job enterprise. If you’re wondering how to turn any crisis into a bountiful opportunity, Sara and and Gavin can tell you how.

Podcast Length: 31:57